George Abbey, held van het Apollo-project, visionair en pionier van de NASA benoemd tot ridder-grootkruis in de Orde van Verdienste

george-abbeyGeorge W.S. Abbey, Apollo Hero, Great Visionary and Pioneer of NASA, receives RCST Grand Cross of Merit

“I am honored to be considered for such a prestigious award. I could only accept it in the name of all those from the many nations that have labored so hard to make the International Space Station a living reality”. Best regards, George A.

George William Samuel Abbey, RCST GC – Profile by Marianne J. Dyson, published in the RNASA Program Book, March 6, 1997

For more than three decades, Mr. Abbey has brought his energy and talents to bear on furthering the goals of America’s space program. Visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and dedication to the goals of space exploration have been the hallmarks of his outstanding career.

“Mr. Abbey’s reputation as one of the chief architects of our Nation’s human space program is well known both nationally and internationally,” one nominator stated. He deserves recognition for his “. . . exceptional vision, his superior leadership qualities, his unique and effective problem solving techniques, and his broad understanding of technical management . . . “

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